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    Post by karlus™ on Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:20 pm

    If You Dare...Solutions to common fantasies that won't compromise your relationship!

    Sexual exploration is a healthy and loving way to gain a deeper connection with your partner. Sometimes though, the explorations we may desire to try can end up creating more harm than good. With this in mind, you'll find listed below ideas to act out five of the top ten sensual fantasies, as rated by Lovingyou.com users, in ways that will not compromise you or your partner. Whenever you are acting out a sexual encounter, remember to talk about your needs and desires first. Make sure you both are aware of your limitations and your comfort zones.

    The Threesome
    Personally, I don't encourage couples to have a third-party enter into the scenario. For some couples it can work perfectly fine, although for most the experience can result in harboring jealousy and resentment. If a ménage à trois is high on yours or your partner's list of fantasies instead try something that can recreate the senses of actually having one. For instance, you may try:

    * calling a couple's phone sex line
    * taking advantage of the use of sexual toys to achieve multiple feelings
    * mocking an encounter with a third person by blindfolding your partner and pretending to be two people

    Sex On The Beach
    More than a name for a great drink, sex on the beach can be a beautifully erotic experience. If you are not fortunate enough to live close to a beach, or fear public exposure, you can easily recreate this experience with a little imagination. Suitable alternatives include making use of a pool, hot tub or bubble bath. If outdoors, make sure it is a night of a full moon. If indoors, play a CD of ocean sounds and light a few candles to help set the mood.

    Sex In A Public Place
    The ideas for public sexual encounters are endless. A few of the classic ideas include making love at the drive-in, having sex at a hotel with the windows open, on a rooftop, on a patio or balcony and in the woods. For more ideas view these links: Places To Make Love and More Places To Make Love

    Role Playing An Encounter
    Role-playing is a very creative outlet, and can steam up any night of passion. A few role-playing scenarios you and your partner might enjoy include police officer and suspect, teacher and student, nurse and patient, construction worker and house wife, or employer and employee. To add authenticity, dress up in your role and truly act in character. Do agree to have a code word to stop, for the unlikely case that things get too uncomfortable.

    There are many varying degrees of domination. Most couples admit that a slight degree of domination by their partner is an exciting turn on. A light game of domination could consist of simple requests such as kiss me here, or wash me there, feed me those strawberries, etc. If this is something you'd both like to try you'll need to set verbal guidelines of what would be considered going to far for each partner. Again, agree on a code word that indicates for the other person to stop.

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