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    Post-purchase factors


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    Post-purchase factors Empty Post-purchase factors

    Post by HarmonyLev Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:55 am

    A plain planning cannot lead a business organization to be successful. It is the post purchase factors that sow the seed for a firm’s success. Consumers form their expectation on the basis of message received from sellers, friends and other information sources. The larger the gap between expectation and performance, the larger is the dissatisfaction and vice versa. Satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product will influence the subsequent behaviors of the customers. If the consumer is satisfied, they will exhibit a higher probability of purchasing the product again.

    Dissatisfied consumers will abandon or return the products. They may seek information that confirms its high value. They make take public action by complaining to the company, filing a suit against them and so on. It also includes actions such as making decision to stop buying the product or restricting others from buying the same. It all happens due to the lack of satisfying effort from the part of the seller. An important post purchase factor should be that, the product claim must truthfully represent the product’s likely performance. Some sellers even understate performance levels so that consumers experience higher than expected satisfaction with the product.

    Designing the mode and method of advertisements is also an important factor of post purchase from the part of company, whereas it stays as the attractive factor from the part of consumers. The product and the focused group should be properly identified. It’s according to that study they have to plan the type of people to be chosen for its presentation. With regard to that looking for child models is a crucial factor according to the product range fixed for that specified category.

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