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    what is SEX??

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    Post by kuoipu on Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:44 pm

    What is Sex?

    Understanding Sexuality

    Sex can be pretty confusing. You may have been told that sex is a sacred act
    between two married people who love each other very much. But then you turn on
    your TV and you see quite a different story - people having casual or
    meaningless sex, using it to get revenge or to control people, or using it to
    advertise everything from soft drinks to vacuum cleaners.
    The point is, there's a lot of bad information floating around about sex. And
    while you may have already had "The Sex Talk" with your parents, you may still
    have a few questions. Your parents, your teachers or your doctor would likely be
    happy to answer your questions, but let's face it, some of this stuff can be
    pretty embarrassing:
    Wet Dreams

    Sexy dreams can cause a guy to have an erection and ejaculate, or cum, during
    his sleep. When he wakes up, he's wet and sticky. This is a wet dream. The same
    occurs in girls, but the amount of moisture they produce is much less, and
    therefore it's not as noticeable. Wet dreams are pretty common at your age, but
    they don't happen to everybody, so don't worry if it doesn't happen to you.

    Fantasies are a safe way to explore your sexual desires. They're not weird,
    everybody has them and they don't make you a "pervert", so don't feel guilty
    about having them. Fantasies help you learn more about yourself and your
    romantic feelings, without having to act on them. They help you figure out what
    turns you on and what you're comfortable with. You can learn a lot from
    fantasies - what you want to do and what you don't - but a lot of fantasies will
    just stay as fantasies. It's normal for people to fantasize about things that
    they wouldn't be comfortable doing in real life. Or your fantasies can set the
    stage for real-life situations, and prepare you to act in a way that is true to
    yourself. They allow you to imagine having sex...without any of the real-life
    In some cases, your fantasies may become too big a part of your day.and you
    may spend more time in your head than on earth. Or, your fantasies become so
    life-like that you find it hard to hold back from trying them out in real life.
    In these situations, it may help to talk to someone you trust to help sort out
    your feelings.
    The Bottom Line

    Do what you need to do to answer your questions. Read books, fantasize, and
    ask a trusted friend lots of questions. Or if you're comfortable, you can talk
    to your doctor, a school nurse, or a pharmacists - remember, unless you are in
    danger or have broken the law, whatever you talk about with your health care
    provider is confidential. Just remember that getting answers to your questions
    will help you grow as a healthy, mature sexual being.
    You might find it embarrassing to ask questions about sex, but just think: If
    and when you decide to have sex, don't you want to be sure that you've done your
    homework? If you think it's embarrassing to ask questions now, just think how
    embarrassing it would be later!

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