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    mitch santos
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    Post by mitch santos on Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:18 am


    It just started innately
    When friendship fully began
    When feelings develop totally
    Yet it has been done,
    It isn't but Love.

    Days,weeks,months and years passed by
    Colorful moments seemed to bright
    Not to lose in sight, we scarely had
    a fight
    Yet sigh for I hate the word "Goodbye"

    Time seemed to travel that long
    For the sun to come along
    It isn't but a very lonely days
    all through out my way..

    Soon the day I found Love
    It's nothing but deep in my heart
    Ever field and shield with LOve
    Just a subtle feeling- nothing
    out smart
    It isn't but Love.

    I know a melancholic day will soon
    come into my life
    That I'll never expect it to be
    Just to note he met his soon betterhalf
    That will truly hurt me..

    Though it hurts me that way
    Yet i have to accept it freely
    For it isn't that easy
    And so come what may..

    It isn't a just but when you love somebody
    You must have to set him free
    Whatever happened you always get
    yourself ready
    To accept and wait for that glee..

    It isn't but Love
    But a deepened Love
    And time had to go through
    For I know this won't come true..

    And no more else but YOU
    To whom I will LOVE the most
    Eventhough it will do nothing
    IT ISN't BUT LOVE.. lol!

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