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    cheating husband...?

    Jesse Geffrey

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    cheating husband...? Empty cheating husband...?

    Post by Jesse Geffrey on Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:11 pm

    cheating husband...?
    is a love come arranged marriage.Before marriage i decided to get
    seperated b'cos he tortured me like nything and i dint find ny love i
    him.naturally i went ito spiritual line which gave me so much freedom
    and happiness.i decided to take sanyas.Parents frightended me by saying
    that they will file a case against my guru.Since my guru shouldnt get
    bad name i accepted for their decision to get married with the same
    boy.and he also promised that he wont disturb me in my spiritual
    matters.so i accepted.Its 5months since we are married and i'm pregnant
    for three months.Now i want to get blessings from my gurus,but he is
    telling i wont take you nywhere.he is not even allowing me to do
    arathi.always he says i'll take you later but when the time comes he
    will refuse and problem arises.I'm fed up with his behaviour.If i apply
    for divorce also they will create problems for my guru.This man will
    definitely not change,but my longing for God and guru is too much.pls

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