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    Post by -BeRTuD- on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:55 pm

    LOLZ Are you the type who is always being booted in yahoo chatroom? lmao

    This time, you will not be the booted type... Im gonna post a TUT on how to make yazak unbootable.

    1. Download Yazak third party client CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD You have to Download both Yazak Installer and VB
    Run Routines Installer.

    2. After you have downloaded the installers, install them by clicking.

    3. After the installation has been competed, you have to set up your yazak so that it will not be booted. We will use the desired server to do it. Follow what is in the pics below:

    For old version of yazak, do this, then click log in to yahoo:

    For the LATEST versions of YAZAK, just lick the "LOG IN TO THE PROTECTED SERVER 130"

    After that, set up your yazak in this setting. In the main window of yazak, click PM ON and do this: (do the ones which has the square)

    sumbag As easy as that folks.... hand shake

    see my **** thinking The nest tuts is for YTK.... LOLZ sumbag slapping

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