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    Post by karlus™ on Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:39 pm

    Bring the passion in your relationship to a new level by introducing scents that evoke powerful sensual feelings. Below is everything you need to know about using smells in your home and on your body to heat things up. Have fun figuring out which scents will unleash their magic in your bedroom!

    Common "Scents"
    When scents are inhaled, messages are sent to the brain. Some scents trigger old memories and feelings. Others prompt chemicals to be released that cause emotions and desires to surface. The effects can include relaxation, lowered inhibitions, heightened sensitivity, and feelings of euphoria. These sensual reactions can even promote physical arousal by increasing the blood flow to the genital area.

    What we know from experience:

    * Smells can bring back fond memories and romantic feelings. The smell of cotton candy may remind you of the county fair, or the smell of baking bread may bring you back to your mother’s kitchen. The smell of an ocean breeze could remind you of your honeymoon, or sniffing roses could bring you back to your first date. Maybe the smell of a lover left on your pillow or the scent of him on the T-shirt he left at your house makes you go wild.

    * Men love the smell of women’s everyday products like shampoos and lotions. Women love the smell of men and their cologne (in moderation, of course).

    * Men and women throughout history have employed plants and herbs to assist them in seducing their lovers.

    * The Indian, Chinese, and other cultures still use scents to evoke responses ranging from the sexual to the spiritual, and even use them in business.

    From the testing labs:
    Scientists across the world have tested men and women’s responses to scents in relation to sexual arousal and stimulation. They claim that scents can be used to promote sensuality and even enhance trust. Here are some scientific conclusions and interesting facts:

    * Cinnamon: Studies have shown that men are attracted to the scent of baking food and cinnamon. Studies also show that cinnamon increases the blood flow to the male genitals, therefore boosting his erection. Throughout history, cinnamon was used as perfume. In one of Jesus’ parables, a seductress lures a man to a bed of cinnamon.

    * Vanilla is a plant that can be eaten, drunk, and smelled as an aphrodisiac. Neurologist Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation discovered that in mature men, vanilla was the most sexually arousing scent.

    * Lavender has been associated with sensuality throughout history. Cleopatra used lavender to seduce Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. In today’s world, it is customary to put lavender under the pillow of newlyweds to encourage passion.

    * Jasmine, especially when combined with rose scent, is very alluring to men.

    * Frankincense can be used to raise your lover's spirits, and also to calm their nerves.

    * Patchouli - you’ll either love it or hate it. The scent of patchouli is reminiscent of the 60s. It is said to help a man relax and get aroused.

    * Ylang-ylang is a potent and long lasting aphrodisiac used to ignite the passions as well as being relaxing and soothing.

    * Musk is much more beneficial to men than women. Women are 1000 times more sensitive than men to the scent of musk, so while women may find musks very sexy, men may not notice them much at all.

    * The scents of pumpkin pie, liquorice, doughnuts, lavender, oriental spice, and cola were all identified as attracting men and increasing the blood flow to the penis. Specific combinations that were most effective were lavender and pumpkin pie, doughnut and black liquorice, and pumpkin pie and doughnut. In some cases, the results showed an increase of blood flow to the genitals by 40%.

    * Pheromones are chemicals naturally released in humans that trigger responses in other humans. Sex pheromones attract others of the opposite sex (nature’s way of encouraging breeding). Male pheromones are said to also send information to the receiver about their genetic makeup. Synthetic pheromones are manufactured as gels, oils, and perfumes, and are used to attract sexual attention and increase sensual feelings.

    How to use these scents with your lover:

    * Add a few drops of essential oil to your bath -- either for you alone to leave the scent on your body, or in a bath for the two of you. You can also use scented bath oils, bubbles, and salts.

    * Use scented body oils, lotions, and hair products. To create your own, add a couple of drops of essential oils to the lotion of your choice.

    * Give your love a sensual massage using scented massage oil (or add essential oils to your existing massage oil or lotion).

    * Use essential oils as perfume, putting them on your neck, forearms, wrists, cleavage, behind the knees, and bikini area.

    * Light scented candles or drop oils on light bulbs to fill the air with sensual scents.

    * Bake cookies, cinnamon rolls, or pies to get a man’s heart pumping.

    * Combine scents and ways of using them. For example, bake a pumpkin pie, light lavender candles, and wear a vanilla scent as perfume.

    A bit about Pheromones:
    People are attracted to others with different immune systems and tissue then they have, suggesting that we naturally are attracted to people whose genetics make desirable mixes with their own.

    Almost all living things produce pheromones for different purposes. Some plants release Alarm Pheromones when they are eaten that make neighboring plants produce tannin, something that makes the plants less appetizing to the herbivore eating them. A dog marking his territory is depositing pheromones that mark perimeters for other animals. Ants find their way back home by following their trail of pheromones.

    Most importantly to us, though, are the pheromones that have effects on human beings. Ever wonder why women who spend a lot of time together begin to “cycle” together? It is called the McClintock Effect, and it happens because specific pheromones are released during the month that synchronize with those being released around them.

    Researchers have shown that homosexual and heterosexual people’s brains react differently to smells associated with sexual arousal. A homosexual man's brain responds to the same smells that a heterosexual female's brain does. The same is true for lesbian women and heterosexual men.

    Extracts from the underarm sweat of men has been proven to release chemicals in women’s brains that positively effect their mood and emotions, reducing tension and increasing relaxation. The same chemicals positively effect women’s menstrual cycle and fertility. When women are ovulating, they are even more attracted to men’s pheromones.

    Some information will tell you that we wash off the powerful pheromones that attract the opposite sex, but really, it is fresh sweat that produces some of the most powerful pheromones, not the old sweat, which causes bad body odor. So don’t think that shying away from showers will win you a lady, becuse exactly the opposite is true. Freshly showered men (and women) are very sexually alluring. Plus, it doesn’t take much to get a man’s body temperature up enough to produce the super sexy pheromones that women respond to.

    How to use pheromones with your lover:

    * Kiss a lot. Pheromones can only be detected within a distance of about 18 inches, so experts agree that kissing is one of the most effective ways of breathing in your lover’s special scent. Kissing also raises the body heat, producing some of the most potent male pheromones.

    * Use synthetic pheromones. They are available in many different scented perfumes made for specific purposes. There are many valid studies that support manufacturers that their effects mimic those of natural human pheromones, especially those said to attract male attention. There are even articles supporting the claims of synthetic pheromone manufacturers in scholarly journals like Physiology and Behavior.

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