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    Post by karlus™ on Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:22 pm

    Foreplay is the equivalent to an appetizer of a passionate meal for two. If done right it can leave you hungry and eagerly anticipating the main course. But, if hurriedly approached and thrown together it can show your lack of skill, ability and overall appreciation of your partner. To help you avoid this we've compiled a list of 10 foreplay essentials that every couple should have. Now, the next time you're ready to cook up a hot night, you'll be prepared!

    1. Your Favorite Fruit
    Keep a small bowl of your favorite, sensual fruit like strawberries, oranges or grapes in your refrigerator. When the mood strikes, hand feed each other or eat it off of each other.

    2. Edible Lotions
    Depending on your tastes, try chocolate body paint or edible massage oils.

    3. Lingerie
    Sight plays a large part of intercourse. Tantalize your partner with a few sexy pieces of apparel.

    4. Sensual Music
    Everyone's taste differs. Experiment to see which music gets you in the mood!

    5. Sensual Stories/Poetry
    Love the sound of your partner's voice? Imagine them telling you a sensual story starring you...

    6. Silky Sheets/Blanket
    The feeling of something soft, silky and smooth can enhance your sense of touch like no other.

    7. Feather
    Foreplay can be fun or passionate... especially if you use this essential appropriately.

    8. Blindfold
    Sometimes the best way to heighten your senses is to render one useless. A blindfold can add a degree of intimacy and trust in your partner that other things cannot. Remember to talk to your partner about how they feel about using one before actually doing so.

    9. Romantic Game
    Your level of intimacy will determine what games to purchase. Games are an excellent and creative way to initiate a lovemaking session. For our game picks, click here.

    10. Love Coupons
    This may not seem like a typical foreplay essential, but used correctly it can enhance all levels of your intimacy. Give yourself and your partner 5 to 10 blank "As You Wish" coupons. Explain that they can only be used during intimate moments. Every time your partner uses one, you'll get to find out something they enjoy.

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