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    Post by -BeRTuD- on Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:33 pm

    This thread is new LOLZ..... Anyway, I would like to thank you my HALO-FAMILY. For the last two an a half Years that weve been together (referring to those old GMB members). It was a worthwhile knowing all of you guys...LOLZ.. Kahilakon nako laugh off laugh dead cry 6 monkey cry 1 .... Sulti pa sila na internet cant unite and connect people, well to tell you guys that you are wrong, we are united a HALO-family...

    Kiekai, legs, thanks for being a part of me as mah bestfrend..... Bro idiot... yahoo rock on mamat bro, you are a good frend of mine; like mah real brother..... Idol Karlus yahoo wink be good, dont cheat hubagness LOLZ lmao laugh bleeehh (only kidding) salamt pud sa imung kaau idol LOLZ hmmmmm, kinsa pa kaya :slook: to sissy MYSTIC, mah internatinal frend LOLZ tnx for your frendship sissy....I appreciate a lot your goodness to me..... Hmmmm, ai still, salamt dai sa imu sad kaau.... am gonna miss you LOLZ Salamat sad sa tanan na HALO-FAMILY members, I will not mention all your names (sorry kung dili :cry: ) but kabalo mo na I am appreciative of your freindship...

    Last but very important peson in mah life. Kabalo na mo KINSA..... MIMING KEW, salamat sa imung love nako... xoxo I will never forget your love and concern to me. I will treassure your in mah life and forever will be in mah HEART. Listen to This song and youll know why... This is mah assurance to you.. xoxo This is all FOR YOU MIMING.... Ala man xa ato forum..mao i have the COURAGE TO tell this lmao

    Halo family ------____HELO____------ Bertud Halo family

    --= "What your Heart and mind can do, certainly your body as well" =--
    LOLZ --= "SORROW is BETTER than LAUGHTER because when the FACE is SAD, the HEART grows WISER" =-- LOLZ

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