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    --- Top 15 Mistakes Women Make In Bed ---


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    --- Top 15 Mistakes Women Make In Bed ---

    Post by karlus™ on Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:54 am

    If you think that being good at sex is a man's job, you're mistaken.
    Below is Romance's advice for avoiding the most common fifteen
    mistakes women make in bed.

    1. Reading Cosmo like it's the sex bible-
      Men and women both make this big mistake. The writers for Cosmopolitan
      have their moments, but as a whole, they are incredibly unreliable
      sources. Some things they suggest are absolutely absurd and will surely
      have the opposite effect they claim. From a man: "Do not believe what
      "Cosmo" tells you. I read it once and it was instructing women to give
      what I can only describe as a Chinese burn to their boyfriend's
      [penis]" (from itshiphop.com).
    2. Insecurities
      - Another rule that goes for both men and women is that the presence of
      insecurities makes a person undesirable to others. Confidence in and
      out of the bedroom is the sexiest thing anyone can portray. Just
      because women pick men apart constantly (I can say that because I admit
      I do it), doesn't mean they do it back. Almost all men absolutely love
      the female form, in varying shapes and sizes, and cannot see the
      imperfections we see.
    3. Lie like a lump on a log - Be active
      in your sex life and your quest for orgasm. Discover what you like and
      teach him how to please you. Sex is great fun, if you let it be. Sex
      doesn't always have to be a workout, though. Slow, relaxing lovemaking
      definitely has its place.
    4. Thinking men have erogenous zones -
      There's only one, ladies, and it's not hard to find. A few men enjoy
      pre-sex fun with other parts of their bodies, and some would like you
      to venture from it for short bits or as an addition to direct
      stimulation, but rarely by itself. In fact, it may be an indicator that
      your guy has some sex issues if he's pushing you to try a lot of
      craziness in the bedroom. Sometimes men who watch too much porn find
      themselves trying to play it out with their lovers (and women wonder
      why they feel inadequate)!
    5. Being self-critical - It sure is
      difficult for women to take a compliment sometimes, especially if you
      don't agree with them. Try with all your might to accept his attention
      and compliments gracefully as often as possible!
    6. Faking orgasms - Never, never, NEVER
      fake it! If it is because you'd just like to get it over with, get out
      of bed and don't get back in until you really want to. If you are
      enjoying the sex and would like to get out from under the pressure to
      climax, talk to your guy and let him know (might be a buzz kill during
      sex, but certainly at another time). If you want one, then make the
      effort to get one. If he's doing something that is stopping you from
      orgasming, let him know! If you feel incapable of reaching orgasm and
      wish to do so, do some research on anorgasmia and work it out.
    7. Assuming that men will be "up" for it at the drop of a hat anytime, anywhere -
      News to me, but apparently, men don't get hard with every passing
      breeze. Emotions, insecurities, worries, or tiredness can make the
      grand stand-up take some time. They aren't much different than women in
      this way, only a woman's process of arousal isn't as visible.
    8. Forgetting how visual men are -
      Almost all men go crazy at the sensual sights. They never get sick of
      seeing a naked woman, a woman in lingerie, a woman posed seductively, a
      woman in the shower, a woman in a bathing suit, a woman anywhere… you
      get the idea. Just like we want them to recognize our feminine desires,
      it is important for guys to have their eye candy as well.
    9. Giving him the silent treatment - If
      he makes you hot, let him know it. You don't have to talk dirty, but
      make some noise. Let him hear how much you are enjoying yourself. Your
      sex will get more satisfying when you let him know that he's pleasing
    10. Expecting him to think like a woman -
      While your man really wants to please you and is likely to do whatever
      he can to make things great for you, it might not come naturally to
      him. It might never cross his mind to choose his bedding with you in
      mind, trim up his back hair, or do the things you like during sex.
      Again, this is about communicating with your lover. Not many people,
      men or women, are born great lovers. Everyone learns from somewhere,
      why not have them learn from you?
    11. Not initiating sex - Yet another two
      way street. Your guy enjoys being pursued as much as you do. It is the
      glue that holds an intimate relationship together. Neglecting your job
      to initiate sexual contact will send your lover the message that you
      aren't interested in it at all. Both partners have got to keep their
      spoons in the pot.
    12. Losing your sexuality after becoming a mother
      - Men complain about this all the time and it's often not deserved.
      What is reality, though, is that women sometimes do get too tired to
      make their sex lives a priority, too caught up in being a new mother to
      notice their husband romantically, and too self-critical to be sexy
      with their guys. You've got to remember that the beginning of a perfect
      family is the perfect couple. You can't put that relationship on the
      back burner for long before it burns up.
    13. Letting go of your female allure - Your
      guy wants to keep all the passion alive in your relationship as much as
      you do, but if he can't see any of the female sweetness that got him
      hot for you in the first place, what is he supposed to cling to? The
      memory of your allure? The friendship that has developed out of your
      relationship? If you know what it is like to end up with half the guy
      you fell in love with, make sure you don't do that to the man you love.
    14. Getting your feelings hurt when he doesn't want to cuddle -
      It's no joke that at orgasm, there are chemicals released in a man's
      body that makes him want to roll over and go to sleep. Sometimes, the
      feeling is so intense that cuddling (while still hot and breathing
      heavy from his performance) with you feels like torture. Give him a
      break when he needs to rest. Other times (or other men… and I have
      proof) will be ready to talk and kiss or even get up and do the dishes!
    15. Insisting on being the dominant partner all of the time
      - Love and sex are about exploring each other and fulfilling each
      other's desires. Taking control of a sexual experience can be the
      perfect way of letting your partner know what feels good to you, but
      you've got to hand over the reigns sometimes as well. His sense of self
      as a man depends on it, and a good lover is one who realizes their
      partner's needs and desires.
    It's time to take action, ladies. Don't let any of these mistakes get in the way of your inner sex goddess emerging!


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    Re: --- Top 15 Mistakes Women Make In Bed ---

    Post by mz.kiekai on Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:31 am

    ah ok...

    ing-ana diay?

    laugh dead

    nag take down notes nkew.. laugh 1

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