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    --- Ways To Endure Long Distance ---


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    --- Ways To Endure Long Distance ---

    Post by karlus™ on Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:43 am

    Ways To Endure The Long Distance

    My husband and I were separated for 2 years due to the military, here are a few things we did to pass the time:

    1. Spend one night a week as a date, played cards or games over the
    internet or watched a movie "together" by renting the same movie,
    timing it to start at the same time and talking on the phone.

    2 . Created a list of things to do together via email and passed it back and worth. We have a list of 200 things now.

    3. Read a couple's self-help book over the phone together (each had a copy).

    4. Sent flowers, heart shaped pizza, a gorilla with balloons, took out a newspaper ad.
    5. My husband snuck 17 note cards with sayings into different parts of my
    luggage after a weekend together. I kept finding notes in my shoes,
    books, etc.

    6. Made gifts for each other; I typed out our wedding
    vows and put them into a frame. He bought me a date book and marked
    holidays, anniversaries, dates to be together and random love notes
    throughout the year. I made a calendar with pictures of us for the
    year. He made me a slide show of pictures for my computer set to our

    7. Sent lots of cards and e-cards. One day I got 20 cards in the mail from him!

    8. Didn't care about the phone bill.

    9. Reminded each other how much we were in love.


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