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    --- Surviving The Wait ---


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    --- Surviving The Wait ---

    Post by karlus™ on Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:39 am

    Ways to keep your sanity before you meet...

    Anyone in an online relationship will tell you the same thing; the
    worst thing to handle is the distance and the waiting. The thoughts
    going through your head are enough to drive anyone crazy. A person in
    an online relationship can be worrying about anything and everything
    from looking okay to adjusting to a new city or country. So, how do you
    handle the little nagging thoughts in your head or the loneliness you
    feel at night?

    1. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
    Surrounding yourself, and your partner's living space with pictures of
    each other is a great way to feel each other's presence. Don't just
    give each other the one or two token pictures. It isn't enough to give
    each other a good reality of who the other person is. Constantly take
    pictures of yourselves in different settings. Every time you meet, take
    pictures of you both together. You'll want to videotape yourself as
    well. It is a great way for your partner to see the live you whenever
    they want.

    2. Leave Doubt Out, Plan Your Itinerary Together
    A great way to bide the time while you're waiting to see each other is
    to plan the itinerary for your next visit. Research together online the
    local city guides and relevant tourist attraction web sites. Not only
    will this help take away the question of what to do, it will help add
    even more excitement and anticipation towards your visit.

    3. Get In Touch With Their Life
    Take the time to get in touch with whom your online love really is.
    Learning about their home and their history is a great way to
    accomplish this. Take turns revealing something about your past or
    somewhere you like to go. Use local city guides to find pictures of
    your favorite places to go and show them to your online love.

    4. Start A Countdown Ritual
    Each time you are about to meet in person, start some type of countdown
    ritual. It could be something as simple as telling each other how many
    days are left each day. Or, you could send a daily e-mail with how many
    days that are left. It is fun to look forward to something, and it
    helps assure you that it really is going to happen.

    5. Surround Them With You
    Sight is a wonderful sense, but it isn't fulfilling enough on its own.
    Assault your online love's senses with other reminders of you. When you
    meet you won't feel as foreign to each other if you've already smelled
    their cologne or perfume. They'll know your likes and dislikes if you
    share your favorite music, movies and food. Your partner will know your
    mannerisms already if you've exchanged videotapes or make use of a web
    cam. When people in real life
    are dating they have more than just a communication exchange to recall.
    Giving your partner a chance to recall other senses helps make you feel
    entirely more real to them.

    Remember to make your time apart an opportunity to fulfill some
    personal goals and dreams that aren't always as easy to do once you're
    living with someone. Surround yourself with friends and family when
    you're feeling down. And, when all else fails, know that true love
    really is worth the wait.


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    Re: --- Surviving The Wait ---

    Post by mz.kiekai on Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:50 am

    il keep this in mind...

    nyc post genius!
    okey ka

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    Re: --- Surviving The Wait ---

    Post by -BeRTuD- on Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:59 am

    baby asus shut up keep in mind daw lmao

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    Re: --- Surviving The Wait ---

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