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    Just Friends

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    Just Friends

    Post by -april- on Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:09 am

    We enjoy each others company
    but for the most part, we avoid it.
    We pretend there is nothing there.
    We’re just friends.
    Every time we meet, it’s awkward at first.
    We check our guard and put up the walls.
    We’re just friends that’s all.
    We call each other on the phone,
    and always have a good excuse for doing so.
    Do friends need an excuse?
    You remind me that "We must be careful",
    "We can’t go there", you say.
    The rules have been set,
    and we live by them.

    We sit and talk for hours,
    two sets of blue eyes interlocked
    and neither turns away.
    I hang on your every word.
    Your simple presence in a room,
    gives my life a purpose.
    Add your voice and a smile,
    and I melt away.
    The thought of you touching me
    makes my body scream out with yearning.
    But we’re just friends, right?
    Why do I feel it’s more?
    Are we in self-inflicted denial?
    Our past hurts have made us so afraid,
    We’d rather be lonely than to take that chance again.

    I wish I could tell you how I really feel inside.
    That I’d be willing to take that chance
    To be more than just your friend.
    I know you sense this, as I do,
    but it’s easier to pretend.
    Saying it would make it real
    and you’d run away and hide from me.

    So I’ll try and keep the flood gates closed
    and be content that you let me be,
    Just your friend.

    ~this was the poem that my bestfriend Melvin gave me when were in 2nd year college when he realized that hes falling inlove with me..Well, i have to admit that I was also falling for him that time.But both of us are into a relationship that time, and we decided to keep our friendship instead of risking it....Fortunately, till now were still the best of friends and were happy with our own lives too...~

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