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    --- Who were you in a past life? ---


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    --- Who were you in a past life? ---

    Post by karlus™ on Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:12 pm

    “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” -Albert Einstein

    Past lives are the former incarnations of your Soul or Higher Self. Some therapists think hypnosis opens a window to the unconscious mind where memories of past lives are stored. If the person strongly believes they don't exist, she might not allow it to happen, but if she goes with it past lives are what comes up.

    Some past lives are more interesting than others. According to Dr. Carole Carbone, founder of the Intertnational Association of Past Life Therapists, , "Past lives are a way of re-framing our current life circumstances and seeing our life lessons in context. These past lives are 'relived' with a full discharge of emotion"

    She further adds, "In countries where past lives are a 'given', young children often share long dialogues of memories about their lives in other times and other bodies. our past lives are alive and well in our consciousness. These kinds of experiences do not attempt to prove the justice of karma, but only that past lives are real."

    Alleged memories of past lives are usually obtained by a procedure called hypnotic regression. Your past lives are something you can find out about by various means but one of the most straight forward is by looking at your birth chart. Past life regression is one way to gain understanding and to see the thread that links the life times together.

    Reincarnation research is a field of inquiry that records and analyzes memories that subjects claim to have of past lives. A large amount of data has been accumulated by research workers around the world on matters relating to reincarnation.

    As we try to begin to explore the topic of reincarnation and past lives, Dr. Carbone poses these questions.

    "If I have been here before, why do I not remember my past lives? Is it possible to find scientific proof of reincarnation? Why do some people subscribe to reincarnation, and others not? Which religions believe in reincarnation or past lives?

    Dr Carbone feels that much of the evidence in support of reincarnation has come from people who have regressed to their past lives through hypnosis. She feels further evidence for reincarnation comes from 'behavioral memories'. These memories can be accessed through past life readings.

    Past life readings look at previous lifetimes you've experienced. Online Psychics offers live psychic readings in chat and free tarot readings. Astrology readings are based on your date of birth. Readings address your childhood, relationships, finances, work, or past lives. The readings recommend writing down our physical, mental, and spiritual ideals.

    Very often, healing sessions induce spontaneous regressions into past lives. Many people have past-life regressions because of relationships that bewilder them. "Regressions often reveal experiences in past lives that can explain present fears," states Dr. Carbone. People have made incredible insights into their current life with past life regressions. Many phobias and habits can be traced back to past lives, and cured once they are realized.

    Past Life Regressions are an amazing way to see where you have been before and how your past lives are affecting you today. The benefits of learning about your past lives are tremendous and very important in your future spiritual growth.

    if you guys are interested check this out...

    Dr. Carole Carbone maintains a website at http://www.pastlives.net and http://drcarolecarbone.com. She is the founder of the International Association of Past Life Therapy.


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